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Custom Football Jerseys

Are you looking for some custom football jerseys for your team? Do you want to order customized jerseys representing your favorite players and clubs? Are you sure that the jersey that you have been wearing is a genuine NFL jersey? You as a fan must make out the difference between a fake and a genuine NFL jersey.

Don’t miss out on supporting your favorite club in your very own customized jersey. If you are planning to get a custom for yourself, your team, and your friends, get it from a verified site. Many dealers provide NFL jerseys online. But you should be aware of the fraudsters. This article will help you distinguish between a fake and an authentic jersey.

How to distinguish an authentic NFL jersey?

We all want to save money. But this doesn’t mean that you go for the dealers offering cheap jerseys while promising to give an authentic one. However, they are just fraudsters who are there to fool you for your money. Do not get fooled by them, unless you are intentionally looking for a fake one. Many online sites are providing customized football jerseys, making it difficult for the common people to distinguish among the many counterfeit jersey dealers.

Here is how you can make out the difference

Ideally, when buying a Custom Football Jerseys you should closely look at it, but you cannot always do so, especially if you are buying them online from some websites. In that case, photographs on the online listing may or may not be enough. This is how you can check it for its authenticity.

The manufacturing Country of the jersey- 

A genuine NFL jersey will never have the ‘Made in China’ tag on the collar. If you see this tag don’t even look at it. None of the NFL jerseys, be it Nike or Rebook, are manufactured in China.

Chest numbers- 

Well this is yet another feature that can help you distinguish between a genuine and fake jersey. In a fake jersey, the chest numbers may not appear smooth and settled-in, they would look a little elevated, appear glossy, and wrinkled bed sheet in a comparatively smaller font. While in an authentic jersey, you may find that the numbers are well settled in giving a flat appearance, having a matte finish, and the font size of the number is large enough to cover most of the front side of the jersey.

Well, this is how you can easily distinguish between a fake and authentic jersey. If you notice these details, no dealer can fool you.

The different types of football jerseys

Different Types Of Football Jerseys | Royal Sports

There are two types of jerseys, that is a player version and a fan version. The player version is made of the best quality fabric offering the players wear and tear resistance, comfort, sweat-wicking, and breathable. They are exactly just like the ones worn by the players on the field. While the fan version is also made of an excellent type of fabric with a high level of comfort.


Always choose customized football jerseys that are light in weight and comfortable as well. And most importantly keep away from fraudsters.