Website Content Development

Successful search engine optimization balances the need to provide search engines with information to achieve high search rankings while delivering on-site content that captures visitors and leads them toward conversions. While SEO for the search engines is designed to deliver traffic to your website, it’s the content on your site which will ultimately lead to purchases by your visitors.


Before converting them, this content must first capture your visitors when they arrive at your site. Studies have repeatedly shown that on their first visit to your site, visitors will make a decision within three to seven seconds as whether to stay or leave your site. The challenge is that if your visitors feel that that haven’t found what they’re looking for, they will “bounce” off of your site and search for another.

The key here is to let your visitors know immediately that your site can provide the solutions that they seek. San Jose Search Engine Optimization Company accomplishes this by coordinating what consumers see on the search engines with the content presented on your website. To that end, our team of writers have years of experience across a variety of industries writing keyword-rich content that captures visitors when they arrive on site.

This content, as designed by San Jose Search Engine Optimization Company, then guides visitors through your website providing both relevant information and calls to action which encourage them to make contact with your business or to purchase. Fresh, well written, and high quality content can make the difference between getting conversions and having visitors bounce of off your site within seconds.