Troubleshooting Tips For Scotsman Ice Machine Parts

An ice machine is a huge time saver for any small business that serves water, refreshments or just has a self-serve type system to offer customers or visitors. These units are excellent for commercial establishments like restaurants and are also most seen at hotels. Because they can be widely used, it is a good idea to keep the maintenance up on them as repairs depending on how old the machine is could be costly. One of the major brands that are widely used is Scotsman. If this brand will be serviced by the owner or a technician you will need to understand the Scotsman ice machine parts, how they work, and how to take preventative measure to keep the functioning properly.

There are a variety of models. Most are along the same style but some have optional accessories. The big difference is the weight and how much ice the unit produces. This machinery like any other that you purchase will come with an owner manual. This is a good tool to keep available because it not only has a user guide it include trouble shooting tips to help identify problems and may lead you to fixing them before it becomes a major expense.

In the event your Scotsman ice maker repair parts manual is misplaced it is typically easy to download a copy from the manufacturer website and find other useful information on a variety of websites that can be accommodating when troubleshooting.

scotsman ice maker repair

Sometimes a unit will continue to produce ice and experience an overflow. This could cause the ice to fall out of the unit onto the floor or cause a backup. The sonar is a component that functions as shutting the ice machine off after the ice reaches the sufficient levels of production. If you are experiencing overflow, this is a part to check.

All of the components of the machine are equally important. To start off making ice, you need water. The water level sensor will keep track of and alert you if the water level is too low or too high or not operating properly.

The condenser is a unit that controls the fan blades. This is a key part to make sure the unit and ice is cooled. Air should be able to flow freely through this. An evaporator plate is another area to keep an eye on. If there is discoloration or it appears to be warn then during the harvesting of the ice it may fail to drop off of this piece. Even though the color may be in its original state you also want to check for any build up and remove it as it can cause problems over time.

There are also pumps and valves that can cause a machine to fail. One pumps the water to make the ice and the other pumps to drain water from the sump. An important factor is keeping the model number to your machine. This is important for replacing parts. In some cases a variety of machines may use the same parts making replacement easy.

All Scotsman ice machine repair parts come with some type of warranty. Protection could be provided from two to five years depending on the part and model. By reviewing the information provided by the manufacturer with your new machine, taking care of it and learning how to identify and diagnose the internal components will be simpler.