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At Orange County Orthodontics, we know that straighter teeth and a perfectly aligned bite can dramatically improve your appearance. The goal of Orthodontic treatment is not only the cosmetic improvement of your smile but also for the overall improvement in your bite. At Orange County Orthodontics we’ve been serving dentists and the surrounding area for over 17 years!

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There are many aspects of treatment that Orthodontics perform including, probably the most familiar are Dental Braces. Braces are typically made of stainless steel or more aesthetically pleasing ceramic materials. There are different stages of treatment. Typically, after an active corrective stage, there will be what is called a retention stage. The familiar appliance associated with this stage is the retainer.

Best Orthodontist Orange County wants you to understand that cooperation from the patient is the most important is also key in determining the length of treatment and the quality of the outcome.Regular check-ups and professional cleanings also ensure the best result possible.

An teeth whitening richmond is a dental specialist who has completed an orthodontic residency in addition to their dental degree. They dedicate their lives to correcting misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth and making your smile the best it can be!

Dental clinic st albans are constantly expanding our areas of knowledge and training, to provide you with only the highest levels of skilled service. Orange County Orthodontics also understand that something as life-changing as a full orthodontic treatment is a major decision and will work with you to provide the best treatment options and payment plans available.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve the best smile and healthiest teeth possible?

Combining our commitment to personal care, high technology, and continuing education, we strive for the best for our patients in every facet of our practice.