Fabric Drapery Ideas

Among the important architectural aspects of a room, the windows are the remarkable ones. In spite of such an amazing feature people do not really focus on enhancing the qualities of this particular part of the room. Most of the rooms are not perfect in terms of the size of the windows or their placement. But in order to hide these negative aspects of the windows, you can use the curtains & drapes intelligently. Few of the ideas related to drapery fabric have been discussed below in order to help you to overcome the obstacles caused by your windows.

Fabric Drapery

Are the Windows Too Short?

It is quite natural to desire certain windows that are long in height and covers the entire wall beginning from the ceiling and ending on the floor. And the heartbreaks happen when the size of those windows is too small and they just don’t meet your expectations. You might be very sad because of such a situation and in order to cover the windows you might use small curtains according to the size of the windows. This really reminds you of the actual size of the window whenever you look at those curtains. But this is the most done mistake by most of the people. Actually, you can make your window look like as your heart wants it to be. You can easily make the windows look big and wide by using drapers that are made for large windows. This will decrease your mental depression to some extent.

In order to make this possible, you can put the curtain hanger on the window top. Try to hang it near the ceiling so that the windows look like starting from that exact position. This particular process would make the windows look bigger than what it is originally. If you modify this idea and put a curtain that lays down on the floor from the ceiling in order to make the windows look as you dreamt about.

Ideas for Casement Windows

Many living rooms have tiny casement windows. As a result of which people look for various Drapery Ideas in order to make the windows appear to be larger in size. In order to achieve this, you would need to break the barriers made by the curtain’s size. Try out newer curtains with bright colors, which would allow the room to look fresh and wide. This also ensures that the position captured by the curtains appears bigger and this would mean that the windows as well would appear larger.

Use various measures in order to activate the illusion of making the windows look wider and bigger. You can easily take various tools related to drapery into the matter.

Want an Elegant Look?

It is also possible that the decoration you want for your room might not match the form of architectural design of the room you have. In order to explain such a situation, let us point out an example. Suppose the room of yours is designed based on the 19th-century architecture, but you want the room and the windows to look modern and much more elegant. In order to make such a transformation possible, you can use several drapes that are wide and long. These drapes should be made of elegant pieces of clothes such as silk or velvet. This particular change would change the scenario completely.

These drapery fabrics ideas can be very good in terms of transforming your not so special room into a special one.

Looking for a Sleek and Modern Look?

If you are looking to get a modern appearance to your room, use draperies with large grommets or tabs can prove to be a great way to achieve exactly what you want. While choosing the appropriate colors for your window curtains, make sure that you choose solid colors and avoid floral prints. Modern is nothing but sleek & clean lines, hence you can even use sheers or have wooden blinds rather than using drapes.

It is an obvious truth that you cannot change the way your windows are. It is of a certain shape and structure and that cannot be changed. But using proper Drapery Ideas can help you to make it look bigger and wider by creating an illusion.