Moving Services

Can You Hire Someone To Help You Move?

When you need moving companies Calgary has lots of movers. When you need specific moving services Calgary has a shorter list, depending on what you need. Start your search for a company that fits your moving needs instead of going down the entire list.

For some moving companies is just too far and for other long distance moving companies, Calgary to anywhere be just OK. For any of your moving service needs, talk to Core Movers. We are short distance movers and same day movers. As house movers, Calgary is not our limit. We can be Sherwood Park movers if that is what you need or the ones who pack up and move your entire office across town.

What to Look for in Moving Services Calgary or Otherwise

When you are moving an entire household you will want someone who moves folks as their business. As a rule, this can be a large moving help company or a small one but you want someone with experience doing moves, the right equipment, and the ability to do the job when you need it done.

Moving lots of heavy things, valuable things, and fragile things require skill sets that professional movers have and are often missing in someone with a truck and a free weekend. That having been said, there are more things to consider in choosing the move in Calgary has to offer.


Can You Hire Someone To Help You Move?

You are about to trust someone with your personal property, mementos, and valuables. A good first move is to ask family and friends, neighbors and coworkers if they would recommend the company that did their last move. If you come up with either positive or negative recommendations, ask specifically why they liked or disliked the mover. If one of them sounds good, contact them and ask for references.

Another useful approach is to ask for credentials. For example, Calgary relocation services has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau based on their integrity, honesty, and openness with their customers over the ten years they have been in the moving business. And, look for someone who has been in the moving business for a few years.

Good movers with fair prices and honest dealings with their clients tend to prosper and those with problems tend to fall by the wayside. Ask the mover how long they have been in business in Calgary. Whether you need same day small movers, Sherwood Park movers or long-distance office moving services Calgary has several. Look for the folks with experience and good references.

Open and Honest Pricing

With move in Calgary services, Calgary movers or anyone for that matter should be open and honest about what the move will cost you. As with any kind of business, there are folks in the moving business who will quote you a very low price and then kill you with the extra charges.

Not only should same day movers, short distance movers, and all the local movers Calgary has to provide you with a price list but they should come out and give you a written estimate. That estimate should include any “add-ons” and if it does you need to talk to them about how often they do these “extras” and how likely it will be that they will be adding these charges to your move.

Never be afraid to talk about money when you are looking for the moving services Calgary offers or anywhere. It is your household goods they are moving and it’s your hard earned money that you are paying. If you have any question about the price, the range of services, or other issues, talk to a couple more movers to get comparisons.

Even with the long distance moving services Calgary has, there are enough to make comparisons. And, be sure to contact us at Helping Hand Family Movers. We can match any fair price, match the best level of service, and do you move on the day you need it done.

Any moving company that will not come out to do an estimate should be moved off of your list. With any company whose prices is way above the others, you need to ask why that is and with any company whose price is extremely low, you need to wonder what they might be leaving out.

Ask about Insurance

Choose The Right Moving Companies

Make sure that the mover is insured so that if there is an accident and your belongings are damaged that you will be reimbursed. Also, check with your own homeowners’ insurance to see if your belongings will be covered during a move.


The “extras” that many moving companies charge for are things like taking large furniture apart to get it out of the house and into the new home and then putting it back together. Crating of fragile and valuable items is commonly an extra charge. Having to hoist a piano down six floors from your apartment will likely cost more as well. And, if you’re household goods will be in storage for a period of time before you can move into your new home that will also cost more money.

With the moving companies in Calgary has available, these are necessary items but not ones you should leave until the end and then see what the bill is. When you deal with a professional mover like Helping Hands Family Movers you are dealing with someone who can anticipate your needs and include the “extras” in your estimate so that there are no surprises in the end.