Adventure Activities to Spice up Your Holidays


In terms of what you can do on activity holidays, the choices are endless; water babies will love the oceanic beauty of a diving holiday, whilst those who prefer the snow will adore a skiing break in the mountains. For holidaymakers who want an active holiday spent outdoors, without the adrenaline rush, hiking holidays are perfect. Let’s go through each of these in a little more detail.

Swimming Amongst the Coral Reefs:

Diving holidays are perfect if you want your sight-seeing to include astonishingly beautiful coral reefs and colorful aquatic creatures. There are a huge number of great diving locations all over the world; some areas which have become known for their excellent dive sites include the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, as well as Sharm El Sheikh. These areas offer you the chance to dive in crystal clear waters and explore all that the reefs have to offer. For drivers who are feeling slightly more adventurous, many diving schools will offer participants the chance to take part in shark dives, which allow the divers to swim right next to a shark, from the safety of an underwater cage.

Switzerland’s Alps:

Hard Rock

Here we recommend a ski resort in Davos from the Hard Rock Residence. The hotel is within walking distance of the ski lifts and museums, as well as the convention center, the golf course and the famous Vaillant Arena from HC Davos, where the Spengler Cup is held annually.

Hitting the Slopes Under the Northern Lights:

Skiing holidays are a great way to enjoy an active and fun break and what better place to ski than beneath the Northern Lights in Norway? The Aurora Borealis only appears at certain times of the year, however (usually between March and April, as well as from September until October), so if you’re booking your skiing holiday, it’s best to check first to ensure that you will be able to catch a glimpse of this spectacular natural light display. After you’ve taken in this amazing sight, you can then spend the rest of your holiday hitting the slopes and relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.

Breathtaking Scenery On a Walking Holiday:

If the idea of a typical sightseeing tour, which involves traveling around for hours in a bus and spending a few moments at each tourist attraction, doesn’t appeal to you, then walking holidays are the perfect alternative. Instead of simply observing a national park or a coastline from the tour bus, you’ll be taken through the area by a professional tour guide and will be able to truly engage with what you are experiencing. With walking holidays, you have the chance to revel in some incredible natural scenery and you’ll have the time to appreciate and savor the beauty of the area which you are walking in. This type of holiday is also a great way to boost your fitness levels; for those who want to avoid the overindulgence and inevitable weight gain that comes with a typical holiday, a walking break is an ideal way to have fun, relax and watch your waistline at the same time.

When choosing your activity holiday, make sure to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something which you’ve never done before. You may discover a love for diving, hiking or skiing which you never realized you had!