Advantages of Shower Wall Panels compared to Tiles

Shower Wall Panels are another less expensive method for finishing your washroom. They have a few favorable circumstances over washroom tiles yet the greatest is that they’re less expensive than tiles with a similar impact. They’re made shape High weight brightened MDF and can be paste to a wall utilizing a proper cement. They can be connected over an uncovered wall as long as it is dry and in a sound condition. Where a wall is harmed or out of genuine, it might be important to settle introduce secures at 300mm vertical or flat focuses which can be utilized to settle the panels.Shower Wall PanelsOnce the panels are stuck to the wall there is little support required past cleaning and guaranteeing the silicon seal stays in place. The high weight overlay covering is pre-adorned in an extensive variety of styles to suit any lavatory and are totally waterproof so can be utilized as a tile substitution. Washroom Wall panels can be utilized anyplace that earthenware tiling would have been utilized: Shower regions, around showers, in restrooms and for broadly useful utilize, for example, in shop fitting applications.

  • The upsides of Wet Room shower Panels are as per the following
  • They’re less expensive contrasted with tiles of a similar plan
  • They’re anything but difficult to introduce
  • They’re anything but difficult to clean essentially wipe clean with a non-grating cleaning item
  • They can be introduced onto a dry wall or existing tiles in this manner staying away from costly evacuation
  • They’re more clean with no grouting so no place to harbor germs and energize shape development
  • They can be introduced effortlessly utilizing cement and successfully giving the accompanying establishment rules are taken after

Shower Enclosures ought to be settled specifically to the panels utilizing Silicone gel and the prescribed fixings so that the panels reach out to the full stature of the shower.

When boring gaps in washroom wall panels,sure to seal any infiltrations with Silicone and leave 2mm leeway around pipes.

In Showers it’s prescribed that panels reach out to the floor/shower so that a seal silicone can be framed between the substance of the board and the plate or shower edge.