A Look at Manufacturing Solutions

We understand the manufacturing environment and we have the necessary practical experience and technical capabilities to develop manufacturing solutions to ensure a quality product will be produced every time. Manufacturing is an environment where there are a number of elements that need to be considered. As a dedicated engineering and fabrication environment, we understand the need to develop suitable manufacturing solutions.

When deciding to proceed with a manufacturing project, it is important to have the design elements correct. Using skilled and experienced industrial designers will ensure that many practical considerations and resolved as part of the design activity which will reduce potential problems during the fabrication of the prototype. At Metal Form Group, we understand this and have a dedicated design team with suitable industrial design skills and a proven track record in a range of tooling design.

Technology and design software

Often one of the important decision making elements for a project will be in identifying the appropriate balance between the cost associated with production and the quality of the product. We are able to carefully analyse what is required to identify the most effective way to assist with its manufacture while maintaining a suitable balance between quality and expense.

We have invested in technology and have current computer-assisted design software to assist our designers, but also to give our clients a clear picture of the design in three dimensions. This means that if there are any adjustments required in the design, it is able to be undertaken quickly and effectively.

There have been a number of improvements in the manufacturing environment overseas and we have ensured that we have kept up to date with these developments. We are able to provide information and assistance regarding plastic and Metal Pressings dies as well as in-die tapping, which is able to bring substantial efficiencies for some types of manufacturing.

Quality control

We maintain a strong interest in keeping up to date with industry developments in manufacturing and we also have invested in ensuring that we are able to closely monitor and check the quality of items. Quality control is one of the most important elements of a production process. This is an area where we have been able to continue to develop our expertise. By having a dedicated Quality Manager, it is possible to ensure that products are able to meet a range of exacting quality controls. We understand the importance of reputation and the quality of products and services will be a defining part of this.

We understand the need for efficiency in process and our tool room has been planned and set out to enable a suitable workflow to achieve optimum efficiency. We are continually expanding and improving our tooling capabilities to ensure that we maintain high levels of quality in production.