5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity in a Dental Practice

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Whether you’re looking to secure new clients, develop a good reputation and credibility, or rake in quality cash, your staff must be productive. If your team lacks the productivity vibes, below are five practical ways you can turn things around.

  • Appropriately Designate and Schedule Staff

The need to designate and schedule tasks at a practice among your employees goes without saying. However, to achieve the desired results and boost productivity, you must do it appropriately. When scheduling your employees, do it in a way that ensures there’s always someone around to take care of things, even when others aren’t available.

The absence of employees does no good to the well-being of practice; it’s pertinent to consider this in your scheduling. Create a flexible time table such that all employees don’t go on lunch breaks at the same time to ensure that there’ll be someone to attend to the patients and oversee affairs at the front office.

Dental Associate Accountant Chicago
  • Organize and Automate Tasks

A business that wants to grow needs to run on clearly-defined plans. Carrying tasks as they come with no clear goal or focus sets your practice up for ruin. To avoid such a situation, ensure that every workday begins with creating a task list for the day. Set targets and priorities, and make sure employees stick to them. Doing this gives them a sense of purpose and makes your business run more efficiently.

Besides creating a task list, endeavor to introduce automation in some of the tasks. Invest in gadgets and platforms that can help reduce workload and save time. The automation of activities such as accounting, marketing, customer relations, etc., helps eliminate time-consuming paperwork, allows for better financial management from your dental associate accountant in Chicago, and enables staff to focus on meeting immediate targets.

  • Hold Regular Meeting with Staff

One of the keys to increasing productivity in any business setting is effective communication, and ensuring that is by having regular meetings with your staff members. During these meetings, everyone gets to stay updated on the progress of others towards attaining organizational goals.

Also, every employee gets to share what they’re working on and have issues or challenges addressed. The meeting, which is likely to include a dental associate accountant in Chicago, helps you know the practice’s financial standing. Finally, it enables you to understand your team and maintain a cordial relationship with them.

  • Provide the Right Tools

Several studies have shown that when employees are motivated, productivity and efficiency in an organization get boosted. One way of motivating your employees in a dental practice is by providing the right tools and equipment they require to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Invest in functional and contemporary tech to get the best from them.

  • Encourage Performance Appraisal

Measuring the performance of your staff enables you to know if they’re productive or not. With it, employees get to know where they need to put more or what they need to do right. So, make a habit of appraising your employees’ performance and always let them know what you feel. Even your dental associate accountant in Chicago isn’t exempt from this assessment; it’ll let you know if you need to retain them or find another one.


As a dentist, improving the efficiency of your employee should be your topmost priority. Unsure of how to go about things?  Consult a dental associate accountant in Chicago.